SkooBiz is a complete ERP solution package for schools. It provides an online portal with detailed information for students, teachers, parents and the school administration.

Our experts here at Techno Metric provide a comprehensive system with individual and unique access points for students, teachers, parents and school administrators.

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CUSTOMIZABLE PORTAL – Our ERP package is pre-programmed to provide a standard portal. We have also included the option to customize it to suit your unique vision.

CUSTOMIZABLE GATEWAYS – Our team here at Vigil can anticipate and conceptualize the various requirements a school would have. We have hence included options to Integrate SMS gateway, Email gateway, online payment gateway, Online learning Package and more making our system a versatile package that will fit every business requirement you may have.

DASHLET – Our team understands how busy you are. Based on your usage trends, SkooBiz creates a “dashlet” with your most frequently used options. It saves you time from having to locate your oft-used links and reports.

QUICK LINKS – Each unique logon has a unique access screen. Students can access all details pertaining to their academia such as their student details, timetables, attendance records, schedules exams and more. They can also create and view a “Collaborations” sub-portal with blogs, discussions, events and tasks.

DATA AND REPORTS – School administrators can generate detailed reports about students, teachers, courses offered, vacant registration slots and more to monitor effectiveness and efficiency.

ADMINISTRATION ACCESS – There is an exhaustive scope of options in this access with detailed data relating to finance, human resource, inventory, online payment, transport, hostel and more. Administrators can access this information and be cognizant of the various business process metrics. The reports generated here are of great use when formulating new plans of action, revising business models and establishing full control over the entire business operation.

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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Vigil to understand our requirements and provide us with a high-end surveillance solution that was also quite cost-effective. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

Noor Nuwarah
Founder & CEO, Hi-Tech Systems