Vigil School is a comprehensive easy-to-use security system that ensures your peace of mind.

You can now locate, track and follow the transit of your school bus, the current location of your children and the bus route at any given time.

Vigil School is for everyone who has security as a priority!

With Vigil School, parents get the guarantee of knowing their child’s whereabouts; schools get instant updates about their students’ location, bus contractors can track their vehicles, analyze their routes and more.

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Vigil School uses the latest in GPS and RFID technology to give you instant and accurate tracking updates.

Use our system to know when your school bus is near your bus stop, get alerts when your child boards the bus, get instant notification when your children disembark from the bus.

You can also monitor the bus during transit to track its route in real-time. The safety of your child is only call away.

You can become a Vigil School user in 3 easy steps.

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Interested? Let’s check out the features of this system.

arrowSECURITY & PRIVACY ASSURED – With Vigil School we ensure that only the registered parent, registered school or registered contractor can track and view pertinent information. The details of your child, student or bus they are on are safe from unauthorized view.

arrowREAL-TIME NOTIFICATION – Instant security alert notification is a key feature of Vigil School. We value the security of your student or child and work to ensure that you can pinpoint their exact location at all times. Our system features a locator, which can give current location details of the school bus and child.

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arrow USER FRIENDLY – No technical expertise is required on the part of the user. Vigil School is a simple system that is feature rich and easy to use. Schools and contractors can use the web login to view their multiple security registrations and parents can download the app for instant real time alerts.

 FOR PARENTS – The security of your children is at your fingertips.

NO LONG WAIT TIMES – Know when your school bus is nearing its stop. You can make sure your child is at the stop as the bus approaches.

UNIQUE TRACKING ID assures you get accurate tracking information when your child boards or disembarks from the bus and enters the school.

 FOR SCHOOLS – The safety of your students is a click away

MONITOR YOUR STUDENTS – Ensure your students are on school premises. Get instant security alert notifications. Offer parents the peace of mind of constant vigilance and safety.

TRACK YOUR SCHOOL BUS Know were your bus is, the route it’s following, if it’s on time and more.

FOR BUS CONTRACTORS – Make your business more cost effective and secure

MONITOR YOUR BUSSES – Use the consistent and precise information about your busses and their routes to device more cost effective, productive plans.

PROPER RESOURCE ALLOCATION – Use our reports to rectify your least beneficial lines and administer your resources better.

 FOR GOVERNMENT ENTITIES – All the information you need at a glance

GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS COMPLIANT – Be it the ADEC or the MCC, we adhere to the strict government regulations in implementing our surveillance system.

ALL ROUND MONITORING – Government entities can view at a glance the surveillance provided by us system integrators. The RFID tracking solution will provide information about the students, drivers, school buses, school bus transit timings and more. Our video surveillance solutions also provided real-time, live video monitoring facility as needed.

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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Vigil to understand our requirements and provide us with a high-end surveillance solution that was also quite cost-effective. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

Noor Nuwarah
Founder & CEO, Hi-Tech Systems