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At Vigil, we partner with industry leaders to provide customers with the latest and best GPS tracking systems in the market. With our GPS solutions, clients can not only track their fleet but also generate reports on vehicle usage, fuel usage, vehicle cargo temperatures and more in real-time.

Our system is programmed to send instant alerts to the registered and relevant personnel when fleet vehicles exceed speed limits, veer off the prescribed geo-territory etc.

Our solutions have a proven track record of having facilitated better resource allocation, lowering fuel & labor costs and increasing process efficiencies.

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 Vigil Track is the most advanced and comprehensive tracking solution, which works with any GPS device in the market. It’s been used by many well known industries.

 It can also keep an account of your trips through the location of your java enabled mobile phones (iPhone, android or Symbian) and tablets.

 With Vigil Track there is always the assurance of knowing that you have consistent and precise information about your cargo, vehicle, fuel usage, cargo routes and more.

 Our combination of GPS and RFID solutions can track and account for a variety of details about your fleet.

The Vigil Track has a too many features to be know. Let’ see in brief!.

arrowREAL TIME MONITORING – Our fully featured map view lets you monitor the vehicles on your fleet as a group or individually, accounting for attributes such as speed, current direction, transit route and more.

arrowCUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS – The system is pre-programmed to provide you with the routinely required reports. Should you need additional parameters or details, our system is designed with a feature that enables you to generate custom reports to suit your needs.

arrowMULTIPLE ACCESS LEVELS – For businesses with multiple levels of management, Vigil Track has a handy feature that lets you set access control limits. You can pick and choose various access levels for different employees.

arrowPERFORMANCE TRACKING – To ensure your business’s productivity and growth you need to be able to monitor and assess your drivers’ performance metrics. Vigil Track gives you an overview and a detailed account of your fleets’ drivers, which helps you make more informed decisions.

arrowTREND ANALYSIS – Our extensive tracking management system incorporates the ability to retrieve trend reports for your business. You can assess the performance of your business through detailed reports for the past year or more.

arrowUSER CENTRIC – The mobile version of our app also provides instant notifications and is available for download across any platform.

The Vigil Track system can play a vital role for your business!.

arrowKNOWLEDGE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Information about your fleet is just a logon away. With our web logon or downloadable app, you have instant access to details about your fleet at any time. You can monitor fuel usage, driver performance, effective routes and more.

arrowMAKE INFORMED DECISIONS – The availability of trend data will help you make better-informed decisions about your business’s future. An analysis of past data will display your most productive routes, effective drivers, profitable shipments, cost drains and more. Using all the information, you can devise the most cost effective and highly profitable plans aimed at growing your business.

arrowINSTANT CRISIS ALERTS – With our app and instant alerts you can follow the progress of your cargo at all times. When your vehicle goes off route or exceeds speed limits the instant alert systems ensures you can have your fleet back on track and garner better customer satisfaction.

arrowINCREASING PROCESS EFFICIENCY – A thorough analysis of the system provided data can help you implement better business plans aimed at higher profitability and efficiency.

arrowREDUCING OVERHEADS – Our driver management, reporting and data management systems provide you with exhaustive information on your fleets. You can accurately pin point your cost leaks, least profitable ventures, most cost inducing, non-profitable routes and more, in order to reduce your overheads and effectively manage your business.

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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Vigil to understand our requirements and provide us with a high-end surveillance solution that was also quite cost-effective. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

Noor Nuwarah
Founder & CEO, Hi-Tech Systems

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